The Pleasure Emporium is Hawaiʻi’s premier adult video entertainment venue.

Below are the The Pleasure Emporium pricing and policies for The Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth

FAQs (last updated 28-MAY-23)
  • What is The Labyrinth (The Lab)?
    • The name is Greek in origin
    • An inclusive private club for adults 18 years old or older
    • It’s a maze-like venue with pathways that lead to different themed areas
    • There’s something different at every twist and turn
    • It’s not for the faint of heart
    • Some say it’s Hawaiʻi’s premier adult playground
    • Want to know more? Come experience it for yourself!
  • How much does it cost and how long do I have?
    • 1-day Membership Required (Currently $5.00)
    • Entry Fee (Currently $20.00)
    • The total cost is currently, it’s $25.00 total for 6 hours
    • Sorry, no refunds on membership and/or entry fee  purchased
    • Entry fee is not prorated and expires at the store’s closing time
  • What happens if I have to leave The Lab before my time is up?
    • You must check out and return your locker key
    • Each re-entry within your original 6-hours is $5.00
    • You must have a valid receipt for each re-entry to The Labyrinth
    • Ask the cashier after purchase if you do not receive one
    • Your receipt will be stamped upon each re-entry
  • Do you have lockers available?
    • Yes, we do and is included with your membership + entry fee
    • You’ll be issued a key for the locker
    • You must place your cellphone and any bags in the locker
    • Cell phone use beyond the locker room area is prohibited
  • Do you have a public restroom?
    • A restroom is available for The Lab customers use only
    • We do not have a shower
Map of The Labyrinth

Tips For Speeding Up Your Entry
  • Have your government issued, valid ID or passport
  • Have your $25 cash or credit card payment
  • Let the cashier know you’d like to purchase entry to The Labyrinth (or the Lab is also fine)
  • If there is a line, please be patient, we’ll be right with you
Tips For Speeding Up Your Exit/Departure
  • Double check your locker and remove all your personal items
  • Be sure to lock the lock on the locker
  • Exit The Lab door and return the key to the cashier
  • If there is a line, please wait patiently
  • You’ll receive your ID back in exchange for the locker key

The Labyrinth Policies

  • A daily membership must be purchased
  • You have a government issued, valid identification
  • ID is held at the check in counter
  • Must return key to receive ID 
  • You have 6 hours from the date and time listed on this receipt
  • Each re-entry is $5.00, for a maximum of 4 during allotted time
  • Lab admission purchased past 5:00 PM expire at daily closing time
  • Cell phones, bags and valuables shall be placed in a locker
  • *mobile device use is restricted to the locker room area
  • The following are not permitted
    • solicitation or prostitution
    • the sale or use of drugs
    • outside food or drinks, including alcoholic beverages
    • smoking, vaping, or tobacco products
    • silicone or hybrid lubricants
    • video or audio recording, including still photography
  • Keep our facility clean, use our clean-up supplies provided, and the restroom
  • Shower facilities are not available for use
  • Damage to any of TPE property may result criminal prosecution
  • No refunds, credits in part or in whole for membership fee or Lab admission charge
  • Failure to adhere to policies may result in forfeiture of your membership, entry fee, and result in a permanent ban from the facility